SBO Seasoning – Jambalaya Mix 4-pack

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Southern Boyz Jambalaya Mix

Southern Boyz Outdoors Jambalaya Mix is  one pot teeming with our Southern Boyz spices and mouthwatering flavors. Our mix combines rice and our signature seasoning to bring authentic Louisiana cooking straight to your table . Just add your choice of meat and get ready for a good old Louisiana swamp feast!

Southern Boyz Jambalaya Mix offers  a one of kind twist. Our delicious pot of southern charm can also be used to make dirty rice and stuffed bell peppers! Great side dish for barbecues, picnics or holidays, or eat it as a flavorful meal all on its own!

Southern Boyz Jambalaya mix allows us to bring southern cooking to you…. 

From our table to yours, “It just don’t get no better than this!”


**No MSG